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Upcoming Online Courses

The Gods of Time

Traces of Eternity

Weekly Online Course

April 1 through April 28, 2024

Brian Clark

One of astrology’s great gifts is that it enriches our participation with time. Each cycle, no matter its length, renews itself in the dawn of a new cycle. There is a past and a future in each moment of every celestial orbit, but how do we engage with these mysteries in the present? Our classes endeavour to amplify ways of participating and honouring astrological cycles and timing techniques.


Upcoming Courses

Check back soon for details...


Astrology and the Symbolic Imagination

Online Course, Summer Term 2024

Tutors: Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Safron Rossi and Carole Taylor


Astrology and Greek Myth

Online Course


Foundation Course in Archetypal and Psychological Astrology

For beginning students who are new to astrology. Learn how to read a birth chart and engage with its patterns using approaches drawn from depth psychology and archetypal studies.

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