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Upcoming Live Events

Astrology, Alchemy and the Journey of the Soul 

Shrewsbury, UK 

May 3rd – 10th 2024

Clare Martin & Carole Taylor

Astrology and alchemy share a common history, as subjects integral to the Western mystery traditions. Alchemy was considered to be a process begun by nature but requiring the conscious art and effort of human beings to bring to completion. Astrologically, this refers to the possibility of deliberate co-operation in transforming the potentials of the birth chart through conscious engagement in the experience of living.

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The Alchemical World of the Four Elements

Buellton, California, USA

October 11th - 16th, 2024

Safron Rossi & Carole Taylor

This two-part workshop explores in depth the meaning of the Four Elements and their role in shaping our character, desires and sense of destiny. It will take you on a powerful and illuminating journey through your own chart via the presence of Fire, Earth, Air and Water contained within it, as well as offer you rich imagery and ideas to bring into your consultancy, teaching or creative work.

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