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Centre for Astrology, Myth and Symbol

The Centre for Astrology, Myth and Symbol is a community of tutors and students, united by a shared love of astrology’s relationship to mythology, archetype, and  symbol.


Our tutors bring insight from the fields of depth and archetypal psychology, from myths and fairy tales, and from subjects such as alchemy and divination, which share astrology’s imaginal and participatory view of the cosmos, using these as a path to ever-deeper engagement with astrology. Being alive to the imaginative world of the psyche, our work seeks to facilitate a deep relationship to the symbols of the birth chart that evoke a living archetypal presence.


Our online courses and seminars, and our residential workshops, are led by some of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded teachers in the field of astrology, expert guides in the exploration of astrology through the lens of mythic and symbolic imagination.

Workshops and retreats take place over several days, focused on deep learning. We will hold them in enchanting locations, adding unforgettable cultural experiences that further enrich the work.
Online events include courses and webinars covering a wide range of subjects.

Both online and in person, our approach favours personal chart work and participatory engagement, encouraging you to think psychologically and work symbolically with charts, particularly your own.


At the Centre’s heart will be our signature course, Astrology and the Symbolic Imagination, held annually.

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The Centre for Astrology, Myth and Symbol is a collaboration between two professional astrologers, Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S. and Carole Taylor, F.F.Astrol.S. Together they bring five decades of professional experience in client work, teaching and lecturing, creating and delivering courses, and event management.

Primary Goals

  • To encourage an approach to astrology founded in mythic, archetypal and psychological awareness.

  • To offer premium educational experiences that will inform and inspire the next generations of astrologers.

  • To provide a platform for the elite in our field to share the fruit of their experience.

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Scheduled Events


The Gods of Time: Traces of Eternity

Online Course

April  21 through 28, 2024

Brian Clark

25 students max.


Astrology, Alchemy and the Journey of the Soul 

Residential Event in Shrewsbury, UK

May 3 -10, 2024

Clare Martin & Carole Taylor

16 - 24 students max. 

Astrology and the Symbolic Imagination

Online Course, Summer Term. June 2 - 23, 2024

Tutors: Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Safron Rossi & Carole Taylor

Our signature course, exploring the richness and complexity of astrological symbolism. Online via Zoom.'

Video Presentation with Brian, Carole, Safron & Jason

The Alchemical World of the Four Elements

October 11 - 16, 2024

Tutors: Safron Rossi & Carole Taylor


In-person workshop in the Santa Ynez Valley, California. The workshop will be in two parts, Friday to Sunday and Monday to Wednesday – book for one part or both.

Coming Soon


Astrology and Greek Myth

Online Course


Foundation Course in Archetypal and Psychological Astrology

For beginning students who are new to astrology. Learn how to read a birth chart and engage with its patterns using approaches drawn from depth psychology and archetypal studies.

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