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The Gods of Time

Traces of Eternity

Whatever happens in a given moment has inevitably the quality peculiar to that moment - C G Jung 


16th C fresco by Francesco de’ Rossi ‘Time as Prudence seizes Occasion by the hair’, an allegorical image that evokes the duality of time. Prudence as Time takes hold of the forelock of Occasion, reminding us of the interrelationship between Chronos and Kairos, temporal and psychic time.

4 - Week Online Course

Tutor: Brian Clark

One of astrology’s great gifts is that it enriches our participation with time. Each cycle, no matter its length, renews itself in the dawn of a new cycle. There is a past and a future in each moment of every celestial orbit, but how do we engage with these mysteries in the present? Our classes endeavour to amplify ways of participating and honouring astrological cycles and timing techniques.

Philosophy and physics question the ‘reality’ of time - the way we commonly accept its movement from past to future, often judging the passage of time as illusionary. Yet, we experience this passing of time on our watches, embedded in the wrinkles of our skin, the ache in our bones or in our final mortgage payment. As astrologers, do we consider the complexities of time enough, given that these ambiguities underscore our birth chart, each timing technique and forecast? Have we sufficiently contemplated the intricacies of time to hold our own views on predictive techniques, ageing and recurrence?


The Hours - Edward Burne-Jones



In this four-part series of classes we encounter the divinities of Time who oversee its mysteries - we will engage the Horae, the Season Keepers; Chronos, the Timekeeper; Occasio, the goddess of Occasion; Kairos, Psyche’s time;  Ouroboros, Eternal time; Oneiros, the time of the Dream, and a host of other mythic time lords. Our journey will also visit some philosophers, physicists and poets, all who have explored its mysteries and synchronies.  We will also reflect on Synchronicity, Emotion and Memory, drawing on these images to amplify how the qualitative, emotional and symbolic nature of time infuses our practice.

We will explore the mysteries and ambiguities of astrological time through myth, symbol, archetype, technique, cycle, ageing and the unconscious. We will travel through time with planetary transitions, progressions, cycles, passages and returns.

Course format

Each class consists of a pre-recorded lecture of about 75 minutes, followed by a 60-minute live Q&A/discussion session held on Zoom. A reading list and suggestions for self-study will also be included with the course. The course is limited to 25 participants.

Each pre-recorded lecture will be made available one week in advance of the live Q&A/discussion session. The Q&A sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be available for you to rewatch in your own time. If you cannot attend live, you are welcome to send in your questions ahead of the Q&A and then listen to the recording afterwards. 


You will retain access to all the recordings for 3 months from the end of the course.

The Horae - Edward Poynter

Time is the womb of souls - Dane Rudhyar


Downloadable Course PDF + International Time Conversions 

The times of the live Q&A sessions will alternate between 8am and 8pm AEST (Brian resides in Tasmania). Please check the time conversion to your own location using the guide time zone converter here.

If you are unsure of the conversion to your local time, please contact us.

Class 1 

Time and the Soul: Symbols and Synchronies

An exploration into the enigma of time and how our acceptance of its ambiguities and mysteries deepens our engagement with the soul.


Video class released: April 1 (75 min) 


Live Q & A - 60 min

AUS (Sydney) - 8 am, AEST, Monday, April 8 

Class 2

The Primordial Era: Time and the Fates

Embedded in astrological time are recurrences and psychic continuity through generations – we will consider how the past infuses the present and future. 

Video class released: April 8 (75 min)


Live Q & A - 60 minutes

Aus (Sydney) - 8 pm, AEST, Sunday, April 14

Class 3

Temporal Times: Living with the Time Lords

Can seeing with the astrological eye ensoul time, evoke a more meaningful present? Let’s discover the qualities of quantifying time.


Video class released: April 15 (75 min)  


Live Q & A - 60 minutes

Aus (Sydney) - 8 am, AEST, Monday, April 22

Class 4

Kairos: The Opportunities of Time

In this class we will amplify the ways eternal time pierces the temporal world focusing on astrological timing including nodes and knots of time, returns and transition.

Video class released: April 22 (75 min)


Live Q & A - 60 minutes

Aus (Sydney) - 8 pm, AEST, Sunday, April 28



£190 per person

Group size limited to 25 people 

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